Hey Gawjuss! What time do you knock off? Introduce yourself / yourselves please. What’s your story? Are you stickin’ to it?

6 minutes before breakfast. K, John, Blue, Wilko. The story? A likely one. Of course we f*cking are.

Your previous projects Forever Cult / Narcs were well known in the NE music scene. Has this coming together always been an intention or was it a happy accident? Like the guy who invented them weird but enjoyable peanut butter and chocolate bars?

A happy accident. The two fell in to each other and now we’re joined at the hip. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

How does it feel being the best band never to have played Peru?

Ask Team Picture.

How has Covid been for you all? Aside from starting a new project that is better than sliced bread, any new skills? Time is money, have you used it wisely and spent it shrewdly?

Powered by booze and pretty f*cking miserable, but given how bad some people have had it, can’t complain. I already had all skills, so no. Spent my time pondering in the fog and wandering with the dog. Broke mate.

Animal, mineral or vegetable?


Your music sounds banging and lovely. Have you had the opportunity to play your hits live yet?

Two words we’ll happily associate with the songs, thank you. We’ve played our hits live on two occasions. No one’s cried yet.

What or whom or both has influenced this project the most?

K’s achy breaky heart.

What can the good folks of Teeside expect from this rawwwwwk show?

Jazz Hands and diss tracks.

You’ve recently released an EP and my Gran loves it. What is planned next for Gawjuss so I can inform her and put and end to the rabid teeth gnashing? There ain’t many molars left.

We’ve a few singles lined up and an album that’s just been mastered. That’s to be released in the new year. Every vinyl purchase comes with a blender and syringe so you can liquify it and inject the sweet tones straight into Nanny’s temple. F*ck molars.

You work with Stocktonian Scott Lewis’s Clue Records. Has he asked you to lay down some Abba covers yet? We know it’s a coming.

He asked us to lay down under the covers but he didn’t say anything about Abba.

Where can people hear / discover more about you?

Instagram will keep you informed. Search ‘gawjuss_boys’. Spotify will see your ears are occupied. Search ‘gawjuss’.

Do you have anything to add or declare?

A rising tide lifts all life boats. UTB.

Thank you for your time. We look forward to welcoming Gawjuss to Base Camp, Middlesbrough on Friday 17th Sept, 11pm, free entry.

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