When and where did you live locally?

I was born at Parkside Hospital, Middlesbrough in 1987, just down the road from Ayersome Park and lived 17 years in Redcar until I left for the States in 2005.

What are your fondest memories of growing up in Teesside?

I always remember spending a lot of time at the beach when I was a kid. My dad was a fisherman and a member of the lifeboat society so it was always fun been down there. Playing A LOT of football as a kid for Teesside Athletic. Riding our bikes up to the woods in Marske or Eston Hills. It was a fun childhood.

 Where did you move to?

Originally, I moved to a village called Rio Grande in Ohio. I was on a soccer scholarship there. I now reside in Findlay, Ohio with my Wife and 2 kids.

Callum coaching in Rio Grande, Ohio.

How long have you been there and what do you do now?
I have been in America for 16 years. I was a University Soccer Coach and School Recruiter. I am now Director of College Credit Plus at a Community College. The programme helps high school students gain college courses for free whilst completing high school. I am also an academy scout for the Columbus Crew.

 Are there many differences between Teesside and where you are now?

Haha, I get asked this question all the time by people I meet! There isn’t a single thing that’s the same. We are 100’s of miles from a coast line. The people are different, the weather, sports, tv, food, travel…

 Do you get to go back ‘home’ much?

I come home every Christmas. With COVID that hasn’t happened, So I’m busting to get back. For my family to see my kids and of course to see my family. Its been a rough 2 years, since COVID arrived.

 What do you miss about Teesside/the North East?

Apart from seeing family and friends. I am a massive Boro fan. I miss going to the match. I Love a match day. A pint, a bet and hopefully seeing Boro score a goal. I miss been able to walk to the sea front in Redcar. A proper Bacon sandwich! It’s the stringy rubbish over here. It’s little things really. Jumping on a train, public transport in the area of the USA that I live doesn’t exist. Food products that aren’t over here: Parmos, Lilt, Galaxy chocolate, quavers, wine gums…

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